Friday, September 4, 2015

Super Hero Stories so far....05-09-2015

       Geeta Ma'am from Sunbeam Annapurna shared her account ...

           The students of Sunbeam Annapurna were really inspired from the I Can thought process of DFC and took an oath to leave no stone unturned so as to bring a change in their society...Initially a warm up challenge was taken by them where they sat together in pairs and designed a bag for their partners.
     After the discussion they were aware of each other's choice and then they redesigned the bags keeping in mind their partner's need and preferences.Through this bag activity they realized how to feel for others and  to get along with each other. They Learnt to be empathetic too


     Malvika Ma'am  from Muktangan led the first introductory session with her set of students. They did it across two classes. It was observed that student taking ownership of the I CaN spirit. The genuine interest of the her class is phenomenal! Way to Go!

Aga Khan School, Sidhpur has already conducted the introductory session on DFC with the Children. Currently working on the planner and finalizing the DTG implementation plan for the rest of academic year.

 Bright Day School, Vadodara has conducted an introductory session with the children. Currently working on the planner and finalizing the DTG implementation plan for the rest of academic year.

Mahindra World School, Chennai has conducted the introductory session and started the bag activity which will be winded up in the next week.

Platinum Jubilee High School, Warangal has conducted an introductory session and will do the bag activity next week.

Diamond Jubilee High School, Hyderabad has conducted three sessions on DFC and have started the cartography exercise.

HLC International, Chennai has conducted the introductory session and the bag activity.  

  Kamala Niketan,  Trichy had the first session conducted in some of the class. They have a total of 10 sections doing the DTG.

Amruthvahini SSC, Pune has completed the first two session from the feel section

 Poorna Learning Center, Bangalore  have completed the bag activity and cartography exercise..

Sunbeam Lahartara and Sunbeam Suncity has also completed the bag activity.

      CloverDale School, Aurangabad has completed the bag activity.
       Billabong High International School, Mumbai has also completed the bag activity. 


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